Our Programs

With a person-centered approach, all of our programs are designed to accommodate a variety of interests, abilities and skill-levels.

There are three integral components to every Artfull Enrichment program.

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Social Connectivity

Our programs provide opportunities for meaningful social engagement and help combat social isolation.  Participants can connect with other community members, staff, family and volunteers through a shared art experience. 
Our Programs

Lifelong Learning

Our programs are rooted in art fundamentals.  By including opportunities for participants to acquire new skills and learn about art history, we equip them for future artistic pursuits. We want everyone to discover their inner artist.

Our Programs

Creative Expression

Art-making can be a powerful communication tool.  It is a platform in which people can express themselves freely and discover hidden passions. Artfull Enrichment programs encourage individual interpretation and self-exploration.

Our Programs

Supporting sustainable programming
Facilitator Training & Resources

Our training videos equip life enrichment staff with the tools to effectively implement and facilitate Artfull Enrichment programs in their community.  Staff can feel confident executing our programs while guiding residents with their creative endeavors.

Inspiring self-motivated artistic pursuits
Independant Art Programs

Printable art projects that require minimal art supplies and can be pursued independently by residents. Each program includes an art history component and multiple drawing activities. .

Revolutionizing in-house art programs.
Project Guides

Step-by-step printable instructions to facilitate group art programs. Each project guide includes detailed instructional photos, artist tips and project examples. All of our programs are infused with conversation starters to encourage meaningful social engagement.

Stimulating rich conversations.
Artfull Talks Slideshow

Discussion-style art programs that can be facilitated by in-house staff or keen residents. Each Artfull Talks slideshow has a coinciding document that includes information about the artworks as well as questions to initiate conversations.

Making the world of art accessible.
Artfull Talks Videos

Virtual gallery tours that review several artworks in detail. A digital tour guide provides participants with art history, fun facts, and key observations about each artwork. In addition to art information, the tour guide asks questions to spark discussion among the participants.

Instilling creative confidence.
Artfull Video Tutorials

Step-by-step video art tutorials. Gather the applicable materials, press play, then follow along with the video and corresponding printout to create an artwork.

Connecting with our members live!
Virtual Art Workshops

Tune into a live art workshop hosted by an artist. Staff and residents can join the online session using the links provided in the community’s Artfull Account.

Taking inspiration from the seasons
Artfull Crafts

Printable, step-by-step programs that use a variety of materials to create seasonally-inspired crafts.

Our Annual Memberships

With an Artfull Enrichment membership, your community will have access to facilitator resources, step by step art programs and video tutorials using our online Members Portal. All of our programs can be facilitated by your in-house staff or pursued independently by residents.

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